What’s Your Excuse

by in Fitness, Health Tips, Sailing June 16, 2007


By: Meka Taulbee

ACE Certified Personal Trainer



What’s your excuse?

Well, my deadline is coming up and I really thought that I would have to reprint something for this issue. Then it hit me. I was running and I started thinking about what different athletes put themselves through to be able to stay on their game in their sport or even just for their own satisfaction of staying in shape.  As you can imagine as a trainer I hear all sorts of excuses as to why someone didn’t work out, couldn’t work out, couldn’t eat healthy or left the regatta early. Hopefully this short article will light a fire under some of you. 

What lead me to this train of thought? Well, for those of you that don’t already know, Team Taulbee is adding another member to the team. We are expecting our second baby at the end of June. Yes, you read right, I was running when I thought about this article. I am 36 weeks pregnant and still run at least five days a week and do light weights. Most times I am pushing our two year old in his jogging stroller as well. Crazy? Maybe, but it’s what I do. It would be really easy for me to make excuses to not go. I too have to motivate myself and talk myself into it sometimes, but in the end I do it and feel great for going. 

I started thinking about some of the sailors out there who have had setbacks, but have kept going and are stronger for it in the end. One is Brad Funk. He had to go through major surgery and rehabilitation on his shoulder. He timed his training around this and now look at how well he is doing. He is still just as strong of a sailor if not stronger. He has been traveling back and forth from Europe to the US to train and sail. Doesn’t look like it stopped him one bit. It would have been really easy for him to make excuses to not train as hard. 

The next person that came to mind was Andrew Campbell. Just recently he broke his wrist in Europe while cycling. He had to change his plans a bit and make sure he heals causing him to travel back to the states for some time in a cast. It doesn’t look like this slowed him down much. He was still out on the water doing some judging and then as soon as the cast was off he was doing some Etchells racing. This was the day before he left to head back to Hyeres, France for some more high level Laser racing. He got injured during his training and still no excuses from him. He’s back and ready to rumble. 

I have had the pleasure to be able to work with one of the Paralympic teams before the last Olympic Games in Athens. This was an extraordinary experience for me. If anyone has the right to make up an excuse not to train it would be these guys. Yet, they worked harder than a lot of other sailors I know. 

The last person I thought about is my idol as an athlete. Whenever I think I can’t go out and work harder or even train at all I think of him. Lance Armstrong. Need I say more?