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Clearwater Wellness Clinic

Transform yourself by finding clarity and focus on all your health needs.

At Meka Autumn Wellness in Clearwater, we provide a range of holistic health and fitness services that can help you achieve and maintain a healthier, more balanced body. Whether you need nutritional consulting, new supplements, are interested in trying reiki, are interested in pregnancy doula services, or simply need a life coach to help guide you, Meka Autumn Wellness would be happy to help.

We offer in-office services along with various online options, ensuring customers of all types can benefit from the wellness options we have to offer.

Meka has been working with people in various capacities for over 30 years to improve their wellness and has a vast amount of education and training in different areas.

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Reiki/ Crystal Therapy

Open your chakras to let Qi, life force, flow freely. Blocks in our Qi can cause deficiencies in our body leading to nutritional deficiencies and dis-ease. Enjoy a relaxing crystal therapy/reiki session. 

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Life Coaching

Recieve guidance and tools to find clarity and focus to become your best self  in these areas such as family, Communication, Finances, Career and many more.

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Nutrition Consulting

How is your relationship with food?  Do you really understand what it is that you are eating, and how it is affecting your body, mind and emotions? Do you want to learn how to use food as medicine?

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Doula Services

Need emotional, physical, and/or educational support during your pregnancy, while giving birth or after you've given birth? 

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Quick and easy access to  the supplements Meka carries. For more individualized recommendations and herbal supplements contact Meka to make a consultation appointment.