Meka Autumn

Meka is an Holistic Health Practitioner, Advanced Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Meka is Board Certified as an Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Academy of Drugless Practioners, a Cyrstal Healer, Reiki Practioner, personal trainer, holds a degree in Psychology mentoring in Dance and is the co-owner of SailFit, Inc, a company that specializes in improving sailing and fitness performance. She dedicates herself to promoting Holistic Health & Fitness to anyone with a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. She earned a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and earned her trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. Her education also includes specialty certificates in:
        • Holistic Fitness
        • Yoga and Mind Body Healing
        • Lower Body Strength and Stabilization
        • Nutrition for Women
        • Mind Body Programs
        • Physiology
        • Injury Prevention
        • Abdominals
        • Kinesiology
        • Exercise Programs for Kids
        • Back Stabilization
        • Athletic Abs
        • Kids Stability Ball Exercises