How is your relationship with food? Do you eat to deal with emotions? Do you have cravings that derail your health goals? Do you obsess about food and/or eating? Do you really understand what it is that you are eating, and how it is affecting your body, mind and emotions? Do you want to learn how to use food as medicine?
Let Meka Taulbee, Psychologist and Holistic Nutritionist & Health Practitioner use her unique blend of education and experience to help you better understand how you relate to your food, on mental, emotional and physical levels, and to create a relationship to food that will benefit you and your family for years to come. 



What to expect

First, let Meka get to know you, and your current mental, emotional and physical relationship to the food you are eating. 

Then, you will get to know your food, on a more intimate level. The good and the bad about the food you've been eating. Learn about label reading, and what types of foods you should be avoiding and which ones to start gravitating toward, and why. 

Next, Meka will go into depth with you about the quality of your digestion, and how to eat to optimize your digestion. 

You will tackle food cravings, Do you know that having cravings means something is out of balance? Meka will go over what your cravings are telling your about your mental, emotional and physical health, and give you some tools for shifting this balance. 

Meka's goal is to teach you how to feel confident and nourished in your nutritional relationships. You can cover any aspect of your relationship in depth or revisit any that you have covered before. 


Meka can help you create a deeper sense of health and vitality

  • Taking a TCM approach Meka will help you find foods, herbs and supplements that will benefit your constitution and overall wellness.
  • Designing fitness approaches that are lasting and comfortable for you.
  • Providing healthy recipes.
  • Helping you meet and maintain your wellness goals.
  • Showing you how to navigate the grocery store
  • Fostering healthy mind/body relationships
  • Providing support and encouragement.

Benefits of Feeding your Body, Mind & Soul through Food

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  • lemon
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  • spice pyramid
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health
  • Prevent Internal Stagnation
  • Promote Better Sleep
  • Prevent/ Combat Health Conditions and Disease
  • Increase Energy
  • Control Weight
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Improve Mood
Testimonial :
"I coach a young youth sailing team that was having a lot of difficulty staying hydrated on the water and eating well between races. They often felt sluggish and performed worse after eating.  No matter how much I emphasized the importance of staying hydrated and eating the right foods for sustained energy, it wasn’t completely sinking in. A friend referred me to Meka. She was able to take the time and come in and talk to the kids for an hour and I think they’re finally starting to catch on! She used great visual aids and a lot of the presentation was hands on.  The kids visually got to see the amount of sugar in common foods that are sometimes even thought of as healthy and the amount of water in different foods. She then had the team perform exercises to demonstrate how sugary foods affect energy levels.  It really seems like this was a breakthrough weekend for the team and hopefully will translate into their lives on and off the race course! Thank you Meka!"
Health Services
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 Office Visit - 45 minutes  $60
 Virtual Appt- 45 minutes  $50
Phone Appointment - 30 minutes


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