Holistic Health Practitioner

Crystal Healer

Nutritional Consultant

Reiki Practitioner


Meka Taulbee has a degree in Psychology and has been working in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry for the past 20 years. She focuses on overall wellness using Crystal Healing in conjunction with mental, nutritional and physical health to help people achieve a deeper sense of wellness and vitality. 


Vitality Tune up

Hit the refresh button on yourself!

Nutrition, Crystal alignment, Reiki and Physical reset

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Enjoy a relaxing crystal therapy/reiki session to see what your heart and body are really calling for.

♦Open your chakras to let Qi, life force, flow freely. Blocks in our Qi can cause deficiencies in our body leading to nutritional deficiencies and dis-ease.♦

♦Fine tune your food relationships while learning some simple movements to release stress, aid digestion, relieve discomforts and free your body.♦


1.5 hour= $90

Kids session (up to age 15) 1 hour= $60

Add on:

Healing bracelet to continue the healing that was called for in your session. Crystals will match it complement the crystals used in your healing. $25.

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Tune ups suggested every six weeks or as you feel called.  

Follow up visits to address specific concerns at any time. $1/minute