Take your Crystal Healing with you everywhere you go!

Enjoy one of Meka's handmade Crystal Healing Bracelets one of two ways:

You can have one made to complement a healing session you had with her, using the same and complementary crystals


You can tell Meka your intentions (what you want help with) and she will intuitively make a bracelet unique to you. 


 These stunning bracelets are made to stand the test of time. They can be worn 24/7, you can wear them in the shower, pool or salt water! All bracelets have real crystals No two bracelets are the same! 




Sometimes your crystals are full and have served their purpose resulting in the bracelet breaking. In this case the crystals have served their purpose and it is time to move on to a new healing configuration. You can take the crystals from your bracelet and set them free in the salt water or bury them along with the peace that your past intentions have been met and it is time to shift or upgrade your intentions.